Steve Kennelley
Steve Kennelley
Steve Kennelley

Chandler and his dad visit with Steve during a book signing.

Delano Academy Pics 035

Steve's book signing at Russo's Book Store was a hit. Evan Iriarte get's his copy.

Evan Iriarte gets a signed copy of my book. Evan showed great improvement as a hitter this season.

The Book

Challenges you to reach your full potential as a hitter and take an honest look at your life. Learn more...

The Power of a Dad, a Mentor, a Leader

Have you ever stopped and wondered why God gave dad’s such a huge responsibility? Read More...


Hello, and thanks for stopping by!

The sooner you become intentional about your personal growth, the better it will be for you because growth compounds and accelerates if you’re intentional about it

  - John C. Maxwell

I find great satisfaction in helping others move closer to their full potential through writing, speaking, personalized coaching, and teaching. As a member of the John Maxwell Independent Coaching, Speaking, and Teaching Certification program, I welcome the opportunity to add value to your life and help you reach your desired goals.

I believe you must see the value in yourself, in order to add value to yourself.  Self-esteem is the most significant key to a person’s behavior. The value we place on ourselves is usually the value others place on us. It’s been said that He who looks on the outside dreams, but whoever looks within, awakens.

I look forward to helping you go to the next level!


Steve Kennelley

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I recently boarded a flight and sat down to read leadership expert John Maxwell’s book, Becoming a Person of Influence. In the forefront of my mind was the fact that, for the next three days, I would receive direct instruction from John Maxwell himself, as well as other great speakers, including Les Brown, Nick Vokivich, Paul Martinelli, and the entire John Maxwell Team (JMT).  As you can imagine, I was very excited about the surprises that awaited me at this power-packed coaching, teaching, and speaking certification conference.

Every aspect of the JMT exemplifies a high level of integrity. It was…

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The Book

Five Steps to Great Hitting and Winning in Life is an inspiration for readers of all ages. Not only will this book challenge you to reach your full potential as a hitter, this book reminds you to take an honest look at your life.  LEARN MORE »